Saturday, 30 April 2011

A day for doing something different.

Just some days I don't want to get up, make myself a cup of coffee and do the same things I do everyday, and waking up tired and in a bad mood there is nothing to shake up the mood than pilling in the car without a plan!
so breakfast by the sea? why not

Though it was a rather windy morning so we didnt hang around long, and headed off to costa for a mocha and chocolate twist and a round of chocolate babycino's on me.

Then we went off to buy crocs for the girls (although Amelia queen of pretty shoes somehow anded up with sparkly dora sandles) and shoes for the boy (which was no easy job with his chubby little ankles) and a not so little quick peak round hobbycraft, then back home....

but not without an ice cream first!

Thursday, 28 April 2011

After a lazy tv day yesterday, we were all in need of some fresh air and sunshine so we went to Durham botanic gardens. We met up with a friend who unfortunately couldn't stay long and then bumped into another I hadn't seen in a while, and the kids had lots of playing to catch up on!

On previous visits I've not ventured far from the entrance but there was an Easter chick hunt (tho the chicks looked suspiciously like ducks) and the children were keen to find them all. It took us quite a way around the garden and we saw some lovely flowers, hundreds of tadpoles and even a couple of baby rabbits! I'm not sure where the rest of the chicks were hiding though as we didn't find them all.
It was a fabulous day and the kids had a great time.
It didn't occur to me to take photos until later in the day, I am now imagining the artistic shots of tadpoles and tulips and even ducks flying on ceiling fans I could have taken (if I had any photographic talent).
Unfortunately this is about all I got....

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Back to the knitting (and the shopping)

I am a bit of a slow knitter, well to be honest i'm pretty slow at everything, except maybe reading and I guess I am slow at that too because if I dont actually read it takes forever to finish a book.

Anyway the shrug I was working on at the weekend got frogged re started in another shade of sublime cashmere merino silk (I am so enjoying knitting this yarn, its sooo soft) and so far everything is all as it should be, well apart from maybe the fact that im using 5mm needles not 6.5mm like I should , tho I have followed some changes made on someone else's project to make a larger size, so fingers crossed it may still fit me! and if not I'm sure it will fit one of the girls.

I know its rather slow going, an hour or two in the evenings is about all the knitting time I get with the odd row or two here and there when the kids aren't climbing on me, unfortunatly its a lot easier to shop online than knit when there is someone curled up on your knee and I managed to order myself a few knitting bits recently.

I have been somewhat disapointed with the knitpro interchangable set that I treated myself to after I'd stuck with knitting for a few months (I felt like had to prove to myself it wasn't something I was going to give up and get bored of before I splashed out on anything new) so I ordered some hiyahiya needles to try, and some purple pins dpns for when I get round to trying socks (sad i know but i'm so excited at the thought of knitting my own socks) and may have got a bit obsessed with stitch markers, I have even had a go at making a few of my own

quite fun, but not suprising everything takes me so long, if I keep getting distracted along the way!

Posting in my pj's

What a lovely couple of days we have had! The other half has had a few days off and the weekend just rushed by, it still feels a bit like sunday, infact I am still in my pj's, have just made a 2nd cup of coffee and the kids are watching scooby doo!

Monday we took the kids to the fair that was in town for the bank holidays, The plan was a couple of rides each, hook-a-duck and maybe some candyfloss, but somehow we ended up strolling round the museum of hartlepool and then onto pizza hut, I am not particularly a lover of pizza hut but have had a thing for their potato salad since i was in my late teens and with a kids eat free offer and the thought of no dirty dishes to deal with, it was a temptation we could not resist.

Isaac wasn't satisfied with watching from the sidelines so had to get in on the action
He wasn't so keen to get out either and had to have his hands prised off the steering wheel!

will be back later fully dressed, housework (half maybe) done and a wip to share.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Ahhh glorious day

I got to spend a couple of hours in the garden today doing absolutly nothing! Well not quite as I can't just do nothing so I alternated between reading and knitting.
I cast on a shrug last night and tho rather pleased with my progress and the sublime yarn is lovely to knit with, I've somehow messed up the increases and will have to rip back to the ribbing, wahhh. I'm not sure I can face it and may start over again with another ball of yarn

I'm not missing, just busy!

I guess everyone has those weeks when the work seems never ending and a coffee break means 30 seconds between jobs and errands. I think it was the sudden onset of summery weather, suddenly there seemed an awful lot of housework to do and every two minutes I was disturbed by "muuuuummmeeee"
so rather than try to fill you in on the last couple of weeks I shall share some photos.

The kids had an easter egg competition at school, so Isaac got in on the action and did a little painting

     The final result was quite impressive

We have had lots of days out at the beach and river

and maybe an ice cream or two

and had lots of fun in the garden too!
Building tents
snail racing
and just relaxing, well at least some of us were!

Slightly sad of me I know, but one of my highlights of the last few weeks was hanging the washing on the line! There is Just something so satisfying about a line of washing blowing in the wind, and something so relaxing about pegging it all on the line.


Monday, 11 April 2011

Little accomplishments.

Today I finally finished the little vest I was knitting. I felt like dancing around singing "its finished, its finished, I did it, I did it" but refrained.
It isn't perfect, there are a few mistakes and I'm not sure the arm holes are quite right, but it looks pretty cute on Isaac.

I also spent my morning tackling my least favourite thing, the mountain of clean washing that had started growing next to my dryer in my many many washing baskets. I must have folded and put away 6 baskets (and they're pretty big baskets!) I now have another 3 loads to deal with from today and the "I can wear that again" basket needs sorting but it feels rather good to get something done I've been putting off so long.
I was hoping to share a bit more if my days on here but at the moment I am not seeming to have much spare time to update right now.

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Enjoying the sunshine

It's been pretty much nonstop these past 2 days, and I'm exhausted and very much looking forward to taking it easy tomorrow!

Friday is shopping day, throw in a nursery trip to the park, after school trip to the beach, dancing for Phoebe and having to eat and you have a rather hectic day, and then you get home and one little boy who doesn't want to go to bed puts the icing on the cake!

But I did find a few spare minutes whilst waiting for school to finish undo the last armhole on my vest I'm knitting, now if I could just find a little spare time to finish it!

Friday, 8 April 2011

Making traditions

A few weeks ago I decided as we were getting up ridiculously early anyway  (somewhere between 6 and half past) we should make the most of it and go out for breakfast before school (This is where I admit to my love for junk food and tell you my idea if breakfast out is hash browns and a cappuccino at McDonald's). So we were all dressed, no arguments, shoes all on feet, hair all brushed and in the car before 8am and although it was only half an hour or so, the kids were happy and chilled, I was happy (caffeinated) and chilled and it was one school morning without ANY stress.
So every few weeks when the school morning stresses become nearly unbearable, we go out for breakfast (and I actually get to eat breakfast with my kids, instead of an hour later) and we get one morning where no one is trying to kill anyone, my kids are angels, we are happy and I'm full of those happy proud mummy feelings.
Hopefully it will become a little tradition we will look back on with fond memorys when we're old and wrinkly.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Time for a coffee.

I'm still trying to work out the best time to post here. Last night I realised it certainly isn't in the evenings. By the time i've got through the feed the family/clear the kitchen/convince the kids they really are tired and should stay in bed drama's its usually anywhere between 8-10pm, when I get to sit down and watch a bit of tv, catch up with my favourite forums, eat chocolate and do a bit of knitting (possibly all at the same time) and then Isaac (the youngest) wakes up and its time to go to bed.
And anytime from 3pm till bedtime is completly out of the question, but sometime during the morning when the machine's in my kitchen are whiring away doing their jobs, and Isaac and Kady are playing nicely there is a little bit of peace 

a few moments to think. They don't always work out that way Isaac is under the weather and is blissfully sleeping
And Kady is in making hot chocolate (aka destroying my kitchen)
(and just incase you were wondering what kind of mum lets her 4 year old make hot chocolate, I gave her a cup of warm milk and she add the hot choclate)

When I hopefully get to drink a whole cup of coffee while its still hot and enjoy a couple if biscuits without having to share, and just maybe get to type a whole blog post without having to sit on the floor while someone makes my hair look pretty, and am not get pee'd on, or apparently not!

Monday, 4 April 2011

I guess this is hello!

Well where to start. I guess it seemed like a good idea to share the rambling commentry that goes on in my head, to have somewhere to keep track of those little everyday moments that need to be treasured and remembered. The ups and downs and achievements, the blessings I have been given. Because everyday I feel old age getting closer and i'll be damned if I can remember yesterday, today, let alone twenty years from now!

Today was a typical day in my house.
My littlest, my baby Is nearly 18 months old and his personality is really starting to show, he is a cheeky little thing! I had to change his nappy while we were out shopping today, but he was busy flirting with the "other" baby he came across.

He does love his cuddles though so instead of working on this

My first proper big knitting project (beyond scarves and a hat) I am cuddling my sleeping baby. I have attempted knitting a few times since my aunty taught me as a child, but it never really clicked until someone suggested chunky yarn and needles, and now im well and truly hooked. Sewing is usually my craft of choice but I love that I can take my knitting anywhere. Despite feeling that I am quite a lazy person I start to feel quite twitchy when I don't have something to concentrate on.
Though last week my sewing machine and I got reaquainted after a couple of months break so I could make myself a new bag that would happily hold the essentials (purse, phone, knitting, nappies) and didn't end up with everything getting lost in the bottom!
The tree bag, and I love it! (until I get bored, then I will have to make another)

It was a busy afternoon today, between the end of school and bedtime my house is usually utter chaos and everyone running off the pent up energy of a day/afternoon at school. so I was quite supprised when the girls sat at the table while I made tea (dinner for those not up north) and played with a bag of pipe cleaners and pompom for nearly an hour.

Well I am sure you have been bored enough by me, so I shall sign off for the night. I hope I haven't commited any major grammatical or spelling offences, and thank you for joining me if you made it this far and apologies for the picture quality I suppose I should get my camera back up and running with the laptop.