Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Time for a coffee.

I'm still trying to work out the best time to post here. Last night I realised it certainly isn't in the evenings. By the time i've got through the feed the family/clear the kitchen/convince the kids they really are tired and should stay in bed drama's its usually anywhere between 8-10pm, when I get to sit down and watch a bit of tv, catch up with my favourite forums, eat chocolate and do a bit of knitting (possibly all at the same time) and then Isaac (the youngest) wakes up and its time to go to bed.
And anytime from 3pm till bedtime is completly out of the question, but sometime during the morning when the machine's in my kitchen are whiring away doing their jobs, and Isaac and Kady are playing nicely there is a little bit of peace 

a few moments to think. They don't always work out that way Isaac is under the weather and is blissfully sleeping
And Kady is in making hot chocolate (aka destroying my kitchen)
(and just incase you were wondering what kind of mum lets her 4 year old make hot chocolate, I gave her a cup of warm milk and she add the hot choclate)

When I hopefully get to drink a whole cup of coffee while its still hot and enjoy a couple if biscuits without having to share, and just maybe get to type a whole blog post without having to sit on the floor while someone makes my hair look pretty, and am not get pee'd on, or apparently not!

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  1. Yay, you got a blog!

    We need to catch up IRL soon so I can return your book.