Tuesday, 26 August 2014

A bit of change!

I'm going to completely ignore the nearly year and a half absence. 
My year has been somewhat eventful, A new start just the kids and I (single for the first time in 13 years!!!), new house (well its rented, but it's home), new town (well not quite seeing as we have lived here before), new school's! 

It's been tough on some of the kids, especially A (the 9 year old) carrying her into school and weeks of rearranging her bed so everything is in the right order or sitting next to her bed till she falls asleep. 
P (the eldest, 12 year old) has been diagnosed dyspraxic which to be honest it's more of a relief and a light bulb moment. It's always been put down to part of her dyslexia at primary school and I'm glad she will be getting some more support. She is an amazing girl, she just is who she is regardless of the world around her. 
I (my nearly 5 year old, only boy in a house of girls) is starting school in September! Which should be fun seeing as he has been adamant for years he doesn't like school and he doesn't want to go!
That just leaves my sensitive K who is almost 8 now, who is my crafty little shadow and wants a go at everything I'm doing.
Then the "baby" who at 2 is an independent, determined, bright little thing who really brings her sibling's together. 

It's been a good summer, we've had two camping trips over the holidays which was a lot of work but fun, and we all survived which is always a good thing!
A few days out and a lot of being lazy together!

I think that's enough for today,  I will hopefully be back tomorrow with a crafty post.