Thursday, 28 April 2011

After a lazy tv day yesterday, we were all in need of some fresh air and sunshine so we went to Durham botanic gardens. We met up with a friend who unfortunately couldn't stay long and then bumped into another I hadn't seen in a while, and the kids had lots of playing to catch up on!

On previous visits I've not ventured far from the entrance but there was an Easter chick hunt (tho the chicks looked suspiciously like ducks) and the children were keen to find them all. It took us quite a way around the garden and we saw some lovely flowers, hundreds of tadpoles and even a couple of baby rabbits! I'm not sure where the rest of the chicks were hiding though as we didn't find them all.
It was a fabulous day and the kids had a great time.
It didn't occur to me to take photos until later in the day, I am now imagining the artistic shots of tadpoles and tulips and even ducks flying on ceiling fans I could have taken (if I had any photographic talent).
Unfortunately this is about all I got....

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