Friday, 8 April 2011

Making traditions

A few weeks ago I decided as we were getting up ridiculously early anyway  (somewhere between 6 and half past) we should make the most of it and go out for breakfast before school (This is where I admit to my love for junk food and tell you my idea if breakfast out is hash browns and a cappuccino at McDonald's). So we were all dressed, no arguments, shoes all on feet, hair all brushed and in the car before 8am and although it was only half an hour or so, the kids were happy and chilled, I was happy (caffeinated) and chilled and it was one school morning without ANY stress.
So every few weeks when the school morning stresses become nearly unbearable, we go out for breakfast (and I actually get to eat breakfast with my kids, instead of an hour later) and we get one morning where no one is trying to kill anyone, my kids are angels, we are happy and I'm full of those happy proud mummy feelings.
Hopefully it will become a little tradition we will look back on with fond memorys when we're old and wrinkly.

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  1. what a nice idea to do something with that time - we have a couple of early risers here too!