Monday, 4 April 2011

I guess this is hello!

Well where to start. I guess it seemed like a good idea to share the rambling commentry that goes on in my head, to have somewhere to keep track of those little everyday moments that need to be treasured and remembered. The ups and downs and achievements, the blessings I have been given. Because everyday I feel old age getting closer and i'll be damned if I can remember yesterday, today, let alone twenty years from now!

Today was a typical day in my house.
My littlest, my baby Is nearly 18 months old and his personality is really starting to show, he is a cheeky little thing! I had to change his nappy while we were out shopping today, but he was busy flirting with the "other" baby he came across.

He does love his cuddles though so instead of working on this

My first proper big knitting project (beyond scarves and a hat) I am cuddling my sleeping baby. I have attempted knitting a few times since my aunty taught me as a child, but it never really clicked until someone suggested chunky yarn and needles, and now im well and truly hooked. Sewing is usually my craft of choice but I love that I can take my knitting anywhere. Despite feeling that I am quite a lazy person I start to feel quite twitchy when I don't have something to concentrate on.
Though last week my sewing machine and I got reaquainted after a couple of months break so I could make myself a new bag that would happily hold the essentials (purse, phone, knitting, nappies) and didn't end up with everything getting lost in the bottom!
The tree bag, and I love it! (until I get bored, then I will have to make another)

It was a busy afternoon today, between the end of school and bedtime my house is usually utter chaos and everyone running off the pent up energy of a day/afternoon at school. so I was quite supprised when the girls sat at the table while I made tea (dinner for those not up north) and played with a bag of pipe cleaners and pompom for nearly an hour.

Well I am sure you have been bored enough by me, so I shall sign off for the night. I hope I haven't commited any major grammatical or spelling offences, and thank you for joining me if you made it this far and apologies for the picture quality I suppose I should get my camera back up and running with the laptop.

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  1. what a lovey First post :)
    love Danielle aka little green steps