Wednesday, 18 May 2011

A is for absent.

Ok so I was planning on taking part in learn your abc's  but as usual I am a bit late to the party and I forgot my keys.
yeah I kind of disapeared for a while and life got in the way as usual! So A is for absent.

Where have I been and what have I done? Well I think I failed the kids clothing challenge :-(  I made ds three pairs of shorties and cut out the fabric for a twirly skirt and thats as far as I got.
Other than that it was just housework, knitting and very long bedtimes! I was driven to ice cream.

I got out my treadle and am attempting to get it to sew (think there is a tension issue, the top thread keeps breaking and seems too loose before it goes through the tensioner thingy and too tight after, if that makes sense) I have changed the bottom thread after realising the bobbin in there had 3 different types of thread on it and god knows how many years it had been on there and will test it out a bit later!

I do have one exciting thing to share 
I'm finished my shrug!!!

I'm not sure about the sizing, it fits me but think it could have  done with being a bit wider at the front. I am now planning on making smaller ones for the kids.
I am yet to cast on my next project i think its something i need to do before i finish to avoid the "argghh I have nothing to knit" panic that takes me even longer to get something cast on!

Hopefully will be back very soon with "b is for....."

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