Sunday, 29 May 2011

C is for..... circular needles!

Before I learned to knit, all I knew were straight needles and every failed attempt to learn involved a pair of long 4mm needles, I didn't know there was a whole world of knitting equipment out there.
Sometime last year (before I learned to knit) I learned about knitpro (knitpicks), those pretty rainbow wooden sticks and when I decided once again I was going to learn to knit I promised myself once I had finished my first proper knitting project, when I was sure I would stick with it, I would treat myself to a set.

I did and never looked back, I have picked up straight needles twice since I started on circulars and I never made it past a few stitches., I don't know if its a mental block or because circular needles are just so amazing! You never lose a needle because they are tied together, you can knit something as wide as you like, you can get little connectors to join the cables together and make them theoretically as long as you like. You can get the most amazingly beautiful wooden ones, acrylic, bamboo, stainless steel, nickel coated, you can even get itty bitty teeny weeny ones for knitting socks! You can get fixed ones with a set length of cable attached or interchangeable so you can use whichever length cable you need with whichever size needle you need (although teeny sizes don't come in interchangeable as the cable join would be bigger than the needle) and you can get a set for all budgets.

What I love most about them is being able to knit in the round, watching the little vest I made for my son grow, its kind of like magic!

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  1. I love circs too! I got the Harmony wooden interchangables as a gift - they are as lovely to look at as they are to knit with!