Thursday, 5 May 2011

Bad knitting karma!

I have obviously committed some evil yarny crime of which I have no knowledge, and it has come back to bite me on the bum, because for some reason this shrug seems out to get me!
After starting over last time I got quite far on, had to move on to the 2nd ball of yarn. then did a few more rows before I noticed a wandering yarnover that wasn't where it should be! cue me ripping back quite a few rows..... right back before I started the new ball..... back before i had weaved in the ends of the old and new ball! see where this is going?
A few reminders to myself! check for mistakes before adding a new ball of yarn, then again before attempting to weave in the  old a new balls ends and if I am ever stupid enough to forget the above, unweave the ends before starting ripping back. I somehow ended up with a large tangled mess of what seemed like 4 different strands of wool coming from all different directions.
An hour later I had eventually managed to rip back to before the mistake and carried on knitting.
I felt a bit like this thing just wasn't the same anymore, it was no longer smooth and pretty, anyway a bit further on and I noticed a couple of my yarnover's were breeding and had had a little baby yarnover! ARRGGHH I couldn't even bring myself to frog this yet and have started over with the original yarn and 6mm needles. Five rows in and I haven't screwed up yet!

My opinions on the hiyahiya's.

I transferred the previous shrug from my knitpro symfonies on to a  hiyahiya 5mm stainless steel, compared to the knitpro it was very slippy and the stitches moved along it much easier which meant they also fell of it a lot easier! once I got used to them and stopped dropping stitches, they were quite nice to knit with there were no rough edges to catch the yarn and no mysterious places the yarn got stuck. The cable however is not as slippy and the stitches didn't seem to move along it freely it is also quite curled up and not as flexible as the knit pro cable. Shrug attempt #4 was started on a 6mm hiyahiya which for some reason aren't as smooth as the other pair. I will certainly be using them though and for the price I paid am rather impressed. It won't stop me from trying out other needles but was a fix for my hiyahiya curiosity!

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