Friday, 20 May 2011

B is for ..... bargains and babywearing

Learn your abc's with An Accidental Knitter

I am between cars at the moment and the other half decided he needed his car today so I was on foot. I decided to take advantage of the situation and have a wander round the local charity shops after dropping off the little munchkin to nursery. well I didn't make it past the first charity shop and I came across a huge bag containing a mini sewing machine, a lot of yarn, some needles and a big pile of knitting patterns. I was looking for a small sewing machine for the eldest two to use and took a bit of pot luck on the rest and decided to get it.
It was unfortunately a bit too big for me to carry although I did contemplate trying to squeze it into my lovely pink ikea shopping trolley or leaving it till monday when I would have the car again.
Then I had the perfect Idea, having Isaac already wrapped up on my back fast asleep I rushed home to get the pushchair and loaded it up...

The pushchair is a biiig three wheeled affair so you can see how big the bag was! A lot of the stuff looks like it may be a bit 'vintage'

I also picked up these too!
The red being 100% Icelandic wool and the green being a acrylic/nylon/alpaca blend.
I will post some more pictures when I get chance to go through everything.

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