Saturday, 11 February 2012

I have been over taken by procrastination!

It is amazing how I never seem to have time, yet at the same time I seem to waste so much of it!
Since my last post I have done very little crafting and an awful lot of browsing and shopping! It is amazing how an hour of my day can disappear on the computer while I am having a coffee and slice of toast. I would really like to just switch the computer off and not touch it for a month but then I would miss my friends and my daily adult conversations, I would have to print out all those patterns I had intentions of doing that are stored in cyber space, I wouldn't be able to you tube when I came across a new technique I was unsure of either. What would I do if I got stuck?

I must admit a little part of me could imagine living in a little cottage in the days before modern technology took over the world, spending my days baking, cleaning and crafting in front of a roaring fire in the evenings. No TV to turn the children into zombies, and no computer to turn me into a zombie! Living in a tight knit community where there would always be a neighbour to ask when I got stuck on something.

Hmmmm Got me thinking if I could maybe go without the Internet for the weekend (well what is left of it) I guess I will think on that some more.

So that teeny bit of crafting I have been doing?
The start of an unbend cabled baby cardigan for the ever growing bean!
 As you can see I haven't got very far, but will have to get my act together if I want to get another cardigan, longies, soakers and baby socks done by June!
Speaking of babies, bean is growing nicely

I also decided to give crochet another try as I would really love to crochet a blanket, got as far as a granny square, and a few practise rows.

I really need to have a time set aside for my crafting (and actually stick to it!)
Hopefully I will be back soon, with a bit more progress!

p.s. Ooooh postman has just been!

I am really looking forward to trying out the cubic's tips for my knit pro's, they do look teeny though, and I know actually have cable needles now too!! And my first skein of malabrigo too, all from Woolstack.

Also some gorgeous hand painted yarn from Pixieknits which will probably be turning into a pair of very cute (hopefully) longies!
My pictures really don't do justice to the colours!
Now I must go, and am now on a shopping ban!!

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