Wednesday, 7 September 2011

WIP Wednesday!

Oh my, I think this is my 2nd WIP wednesday! and I think I am probably still working on the same things I was two weeks ago, I was away last week so just got a few minutes here and there to work on my current project my Hermoine hat and am about 75% of the way through, the colours are much brighter in person.

I also cast on my first ever sock today!! something i've really wanted to do since i started kniting in December.
I have only done one row and it seems rather messy at the moment, but obligitory pics anyway!
Its not twisted its just messy!!

oooh the yarn
Inspired by gingerbreadgirl's socks

fot more WIP wednedsays check out Tami's blog.


  1. Very pretty hat, I really like the colors you're using and the pattern.

    Your socks are going to be cute. The yarn is pretty.

  2. The hat is gorgeous. Love those soft cables.

  3. That yarn looks like it'll make some really cool socks :)

  4. Love the hat, I am loving cables at the moment! Gorgeous yarn too!

  5. Thanks, Its only the second time I'm doing cables and I am really proud. Also so excited to finally have cast on my socks, I don't know why I put it off for so long!