Monday, 1 October 2012

Sock knitting: Take erm... Three!

So about a year ago the urge to knit socks took me, I don't know what it is about hand knitted socks I guess they are pretty yet so practical. So I had a go with some lovely rainbow opal yarn and got about an inch of ribbing on a plain sock that seemed to take forever! Then my not quite two year old at the time son ripped the needles out and I gave up.
Around Spring this year I found a book called cute knits for baby feet or something along those lines and came across the cutest baby socks and had to give them a go, I made a very cute baby sock with a messy heel which appeared to be too small. Once again that's as far as I got, plans to knit a whole range of cute baby socks never actually materialised.

Then a couple of weeks ago someone tempted me with their pretty hand knit socks again and I rose to the challenge and picked a lace pattern that wouldn't get boring (dragonfly socks) and have now made it to the heel of my first sock. It went pretty quickly, when I compared the measly 60 stitches a round with the 200+ I've done on a shawl it just didn't seem such a daunting task. I know I still have another sock to go but this time I am hoping third time lucky. I think I'm hooked!

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